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Route PR-CV 161

Useful information
Distance: 37.000 m
Duration: 9h. 43 min
Difficulty: Very high / Long term *

‘Les Moles’ – Onda – Sierra Espadán – Onda

Instead of beginning at Molí de la Reixa, this path has its starting point in the Moorish Quarter. Walk down Calle San Vicente, towards the cemetery and Calvary and cross the Bridge over Sonella River (16th century). This is the largest PR modality route of the five, with a total amount of 37 km running through the towns of Onda, Artana, Tales, Alcudia de Veo and Sueras. Therefore, offers an excellent opportunity to discover the unique landscape of the Sierra de Espadán. Among other highlights, don’t miss the impressive Triassic outcroppings with old sandstone of Peñas Aragonesas (Artana) or Los Órganos (Alcudia de Veo), which will delight your senses. From the top of Los Órganos you can enjoy a beautiful view of the region of La Plana Baixa that reaches the sea, the swamp of Benitandús and the mountains surrounding it, filled with forests of cork oaks, holm oaks and pines. From there, you’ll also see a long trench and rifle cache from the Civil War in perfect condition which brings to mind the Spanish dramatic recent past. During the route you can refresh with the sources of Monti and Ramos.

* The trail crosses several times a watercourse, so this route is not recommended on days of heavy rain.


  • Comunitat Valenciana
  • European Union