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Route PR-CV 361

Useful information
Distance: 11.700 m
Duration: 3h 15min
Difficulty: Medium-high

Onda – El Salvador – Onda

Molí de la Reixa is our departure point and from here walk towards the road of Tales. At about 100 meters, turn off to the right up Calle de San Fermín as the first direction post indicates. Then turn left along a path that leads to the territories of Beniparrell and follow the direction signs to the Balsa del Regar. Walk through the road to Fanzara, and run about 500 meters to take the old path linking Onda with this neighbouring town. This path will take you to the picnic area of El Salvador, an eighteenth-century hermitage and place of traditional pilgrimage every August 5th, where you can make a stop on the way to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of this unique area and enjoy a beautiful view. The remaining part of the route runs along the territories of El Racó de Lleó and from there, just head off the paved road to Onda. Continue the path down Calle Argelita and Calle Metge Ismael Peris to reach Calle San Fermin from where you’ll access to Molí de la Reixa, starting point of the route.

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