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Route SL-CV-142

Useful information
Distance: 5.510 metres
Difficulty: Medium-High

How to get there:

CV-223 Onda-Tales. Once we go past the Sueras crossing, we'll take the left path until reaching the dam.


We'll set off from the dam towards Tales on the asphalted road. After about 300 metres, we'll take the track on the left that will lead us uphill until we reach the Montí peak, where we'll be rewarded with spectacular views of the Castellón countryside: The Sierra Espadán mountain range, Sueras and its Mauz Castle, Peñagolosa...
Once at the peak, we'll carry on straight and turn along the track to our right, which will take us to the pass, and from there, up to the lower peak. From here, we'll be able to see the sea, the East part of the Sierra de Espadán mountain range and the villages and towns of Onda, Vila-Real and Castellón.
Next, we'll go down the path to our left, keeping Onda in front of us. We'll continue down the marked path until we reach a crossing, where we will turn left and continue down the Retor's spring until we reach a track that will lead us to Santa Bárbara's Hermitage. On reaching the hermitage, we'll continue up the track until reaching the antenna. If we continue along the track we have in front of us, it will lead us back to the asphalted road where we started our route. Back on the same road, we'll continue on the left, about 400 metres, until reaching the dam.


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