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Variation of PR-161 (PR-CV 161.1)

Useful information
Distance: 5.500 metres
Difficulty: Low

How to get there:

CV-223 Onda-Tales. Before entering the village of Tales, we have to take the turning on our left towards the Clares nuns' Monastery. Then, we'll go up by the Falda del Montí urbanization and continue along the Chautena mountain path until we pass the Montí spring, where we'll find the crossing where this variation begins.

From Onda, we'll go towards the cemetery, over the Sonella bridge.

Description of the route:

We'll start at the crossing of the Chautena mountain path, where we'll turn right to take the dirt track. At the next crossing, we'll turn right again and just a few meters along take the right hand path. We'll continue along this path, crossing the Clochas gully several times, until reaching the tie-in with the PR-CV 360 Las Pirámides route.
Once there, we'll head towards Onda on the left. Here, we find a shady area through which we will cross the Montí gully several times until leaving it to our right, where we will go up the track on our left (the only part with a rocky ascent). Once we have finished climbing, we'll see a shepherd's hut on the left and, just a few metres away, the first farm estate or "finca". We are now in the Sonella urbanization. We'll take the asphalted road down to the tie-in with the SL-CV 107 Onda-Santa Bárbara-Onda route, along which, at the crossings, we will continue straight until reaching the Sonella River. At the river, our route will tie-in with the SL-CV 106 Onda-Cuevas heladas-Calvario-Onda route, where we will turn onto the track to our right and continue until passing under the Sonella bridge, where we will take the steps on the left. At the top of the steps, we'll tie-in with our PR-CV 161 Les Moles route, which takes us back to where we started.

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