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Oven-baked rice
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‘Pastís’ - Vegetable and tuna pie
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"Pilotes de frare"
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Olla de la plana
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Conejo con tomate

Traditional food and typical local dishes

Onda’s cuisine is the result of a mixture of different elements: ancient recipes, roots on crossing cultures, care in the preparation and high quality raw materials. Therefore, whoever has the opportunity to taste any dish prepared in our kitchens will be transferred to an entire world of flavours and special textures. Discover a wide array of typically Ondanian rices, stews and sweets and enjoy of a delightful experience.

Rice is the main ingredient in most Ondanian recipes: rice with vegetables, ‘widowed’ rice (meatless), arròs passejat, rice with pork and beans, rice with cod, rice broth, mellow rice... However, its real gastronomy star is the Stew. This is a traditional genuine dish, worthy of a municipality with a rich history like Onda, prepared with potatoes, cabbage, spinach, chard, cardoon and pumpkin cooked over low heat.

Other remarkably typical products of its cuisine are the ‘pastissos’ (pies) and ‘coques’ (crunchy pies). Particularly in time of local festivities, but also during the rest of the year, Onda’s citizens prepare a combination of vegetables, tomato, egg and tuna in brine to obtain these culinary delights so popular in Onda.

Sweets are another traditional food highly appreciated by locals. Typical desserts such as ‘pilotes de frare’, ‘coques malfetes’, ‘pastissets de moniato i de cabell d’àngel’ (sweet potato and pumpkin jam little cakes), ‘llesquetes amb ou’ and mostachones or fritters are a must in any home.

Here are a few recipes of some typical products of Onda, which you will find in any bakery or pastry around. Likewise, we also share with you the recipes for some of the traditional dishes served in any of our several city restaurants.

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